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Project Management

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Experience Pays.

Whether you're an established operator or just entering the industry, Emory Advisory has 30+ years in the Gambling Industry including the following verticals:

Sports-wagering, Class III Platforms, Brick and Mortar operations, "Live Dealer" systems, Horse racing, National Lottery, Bingo and online skill games.

We can provide industry standard project management processes and tools to ensure all tasks and resources stay on point and on time or utilize your own in-house PM systems.

Emory Advisory LLC are members of the Project Management Institute


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We know Gambling.

Your Organization is tapped out taking care of its core products and services but you need to expand into other verticals to remain competitive?

We do the Legwork.

We provide market overviews and analysis of all major gambling verticals and then assist you in selecting the most appropriate vendors, service providers, or personnel to get you to market quickly.

Product Development

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Let us build it for you.

We're innovators, designers and developers. You have the vision, we have the know-how to make it real.

Outsourcing product development can be fraught with peril. At Emory Advisory we partner with top development houses like HTC Global, Mobifilia and a thoroughly vetted cadre of freelance coders and developers.

This means you get the products and services you've requested on-time and market ready without the overhead of supporting an Internal IT/Development shop.