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Emory Advisory provides a broad range of consulting services in the areas of technology, business, and management.
Technology - We support our clients with up-to-date tools and innovative ideas. By relying on teamwork and fast communication, each client can benefit from the vast expertise pool and network of the company. Our technical domain focus is, AWS, and mobile application development.
Business - We leverage our experience working with many organizations across multiple industries ranging from small to large businesses to identify business needs, uncover problems, evaluate processes and determine growth potential. Emory Advisory talks with stakeholders to better understand issues the organization is facing and discuss new systems that will allow for increasing responsiveness, performance, flexibility and accountability in the organization. This goal-oriented analysis will cover strategic business practices encompassing IT, business processes, corporate policies, structure and trading strategies, customer relations management, marketing, customer engagement, customer service, social media and operations across the entire enterprise. 
Management - We help clients build the right culture, leadership systems, and team dynamics to enable them to excel on the job. We help them objectively identify critical problem areas and actions and build the road maps needed for implementing change.
Contract Staffing – Since the core focus of Emory Advisory is human capital, we supply our clients with personnel on a contract and contract-to-hire basis. You will receive the highest level of service from Emory Advisory; however, we choose to not participate in so called “preferred vendor” lists. We are quality over quantity and chasing 1 to 2 job orders given to 20+ vendors is not our business model.