The Company’s primary function is that of a recruiting agency, excelling under a retained search based model.
At Emory Advisory, we have designed an executive search process that identifies the strongest candidates in the talent pool.
More importantly, we respect our Clients’ time and only submit prospective candidates that have been thoroughly vetted. It is all about “quality over quantity”. Integrity in our business is paramount making it imperative that we respect the confidentiality of both the Client and the prospective hire.

The Funnel Approach

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The Emory Advisory funnel approach begins by mining our rich and up-to-date network of passive and on the market potential candidates in the talent pool. Then we funnel the candidates through our recruiting process to sift through all the talent to find the best one for the position.

We achieve this by seeking to understand the role our client is looking to fill well beyond the job description and develop a specialized and individualized search plan for each position. As for passive candidates/ executives, some contact us directly because of our past relationship and solid reputation for using discretion in sensitive matters. Others we procure through our seasoned relationships.

Once we get to know our candidate’s background, interests, goals, abilities, and learn what sets you apart, we use this knowledge to match them to the best career opportunity within our network of industry-leading organizations.
Because we have many years invested with our clients, it is imperative to work with our candidates throughout the interview, negotiation and offer process to help them be as presentable as possible to gain a win/win result.

To us at Emory Advisory, our candidates are not just another resume we send to our clients. It is our goal to get to know our candidates and add value beyond their resume allowing us to open doors to top-tier organizations and positions.

We are a boutique firm, family owned and operated. Our list of non competes is small, meaning that we can target your competition for similar talent.

Why use Emory Advisory as opposed to our competitors? We do not run ads and sit around waiting for inbound resumes. Our Clients pay us to go out and recruit passive talent, of which most of the time these prospects are working for their direct competitors. Just like building a sales pipeline, we are continually building our recruiting pipeline of top-tiered professionals.